Chuck E. Cheese

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昨天晚上,小老三跑過來跟我講:「爸爸,我明天幫你慶祝生日」。之後給了我一張 Chuck E. Cheese $20 元可以買 100 代幣的優惠卷,然後一堆用硬幣和紙鈔湊出來的 $20 元… 一個我生命中最美好的一刻!而今晚我們在Chuck E. Cheese玩得好開心!

Last night, Lauren came to me and said: Daddy, I will celebrate your birthday tomorrow. She then handed over to me a Chuck E. Cheese $20 for 100 chips coupon and $20 in dollar bills and quarters… One of the best moment in my life! And we had a great time tonight at Chuck E. Cheese


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